PROBLEM #2 BF2142 Freezing Map Loads, Frozen Screen While In Game: THE REAL FIX

June 29, 2007


Freezing Map Loading, In-Game Lock Ups. Can load the map up to about 66% and stops. Then you have to ctrl-alt-delete out and restart.

Solutions tried:

Block port 17475 TCP and UDP. (This was a temporary fix)

PB reinstall – new pnkbstra,b.exe files

PB update

Block in game advertising port 17475 (worked temporally)

Reinstall 1.25 patch

Clear cache

Double check networking and firewall settings

Disable firewalls, anti-virus

Uninstall recent “conflicting” windows updates

COMPLETE uninstall of game, reinstall game, patch, NS, patch again…

None of these worked. I had no problem running 2142 on my old Dell, so that eliminated a lot of network and some OS “maybes”.



program files/ Electronic Arts/ Battlefield 2142 / radial.cdb

I saw topics saying to delete the radial.cdb file, but I could never find it. It was listed as a hidden file, but even when you view hidden files it still wasn’t showing up. On either my Dell with XP, or my new PC with Vista. Doing a file system searches revealed nothing.


*****You have to “View” it from a WinRAR browser*****

Then delete this file. When you restart, 2142 will make a new one. Problem solved.

Free trial for winrar 3.70:


Radial.cdb records or creates a list of some type of data. Every time you start 2142 it adds to the file size. This file eventually reaches a “Bloating” point, where 2142 will no longer be able to properly run. Every copy of 2142 will most likey run into this problem. This problem has recently been happening to more and more people, I am willing to bet their file sizes are finally reaching their limit.

My file sizes

Size of old problem file, 15 MB

Size of new file, 1.4 MB

You might want to run winrar and check this file out, and delete it before you start having problems. It does not adversely effect any current settings.


PROBLEM #1 Where The Hell is My MSI BIOS?

June 22, 2007


MSI P6N BIOS, where the hell is it? Well, if you are a Vista user MSI’s Live Update does not work. If you go to MSI’s USA site, you will not find a download option for this motherboard listed. You will find tons of others, just not this one.


On the poorly designed MSI international hompage, the squares above the country links are actually clickable. So we need the INTERNATIONAL Motherboard site, here.., which will lead us to our hidden BIOS download. Which is on this page,

Why leave this BIOS download out of the US site? Why are there no references anywhere for this? I don’t know.