PROBLEM #3 Blurry, Fuzzy, Text in Windows Vista Aero and NOT in Vista Basic Theme


Windows Vista. Fuzzy, small, unreadable text in certain programs when windows Aero is enabled. However when you disable the Vista Aero theme and apply the Basic theme, the text is clear.

Hardware/Settings: High resolution monitor, High Font DPI Scaling, Vista Aero Theme.

Effected programs: Adobe Photoshop Help menu, OpenOffice 2.0


Right click desktop – Personalize – Adjust Font Size – Custom DPI – USE WINDOWS XP STYLE FONT SCALING – check that box

You now have readable text, while enjoying the Vista Aero UI on your high res monitor.


10 Responses to PROBLEM #3 Blurry, Fuzzy, Text in Windows Vista Aero and NOT in Vista Basic Theme

  1. wiak says:

    it effects O&O Defrag & mIRC to

  2. Shipwreck says:

    This didn’t work for me – I have fizzy text in Vista too. I tried going into that setting – the box is checked, but “greyed out” – So, it’s already working it seems, but yet I can’t uncheck it to compare.

    I still have fuzzy test…

  3. kiroin says:

    Thanks! This was a simple and great solution though I had to change the dpi from 120 to 92 and back in order for the “Apply” button to ungray. After clicking apply, it asked to restart and voila! Everything’s back to normal.

  4. Mr. North says:

    The blurry text thing again.
    System: Core 2 Duo
    2 mgs of ram
    Integrated graphics card on an Intel motherboard.
    Neovo K-A19 19″ widescreen, text on Vista run in basic mode is blurry, In word processing: blurry and lines of text are different heights. Clear type is a little better but it is still fuzzed around the edges. Certain fonts in pdf files look like they were mixed with muddy gray water. But others are relatively sharp. I have been mucking about with settings and think I have tried the native 1280×1028 without much change.
    My question is how do I know when it is the monitor, or the graphics card, or not enough of something, or too much of something else? Anyone else have similar troubles? Any solutions?

  5. Adrian says:

    That’s great man, works like a charm. Good work!

  6. Jade says:

    This does not work for me either.

    Are there any other solutions…?

    The fuzziness is really quite annoying.

  7. Juan says:

    I kept fiddling around with the DPI size and the ClearType option and could not get rid of the “fuzziness”.
    I tried this and worked perfectly
    Thanks very much!

  8. THANKS A ZILLION!!! CorelDraw 12 main window was having fuzzy text and one-third of software would drop off. Same thing was happening with Dazzle Envelope Manager postage software from Problem solved, I can see again and know it’s not my new progressive lenses.

  9. Bernd Deve says:

    worked great. I use 120dpi and now have some nice looking text. Thank you very much !!

  10. Larry Brown says:

    So annoying that you have to reboot the computer to make this take effect. I’ve always hated that.

    This solution worked for me, but in the opposite direction. I suddenly developed fuzzy text after M$ downloaded some updates to me. Using the tip described on this page, I found that the XP style font scaling was already on, so I turned it off. One reboot later and now I’m no longer fuzzy! Thanks for the tip.

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